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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a purchased ticket required for children? 
A: Children 3 years old and younger ride free. Children ages 3 - 11 can ride with a child's ticket.

Q: If I buy a voucher today can I use it tomorrow? 
A: Yes. Your voucher can be redeemed for immediate use or for usage at a later date. (please check our website for current tour schedules)

Q: I would like to buy a ticket for myself and also for several friends. Do each of their names need to appear on the vouchers for identification? 
A: They don't, as long as you are there with them on the cruise!

Q: How far in advance do we have to book this? 
A: You can book out as far as you would like!

Q: Are your vehicles handicapped accessible?

A: Yes. We have handicapped accessible vehicles available. We recommend that passengers requiring special assistance inform us at the time of reservation, and no later than 48 hours prior to departure. Please call 1-800-669-0051 for assistance.



Q: Is parking available at this location, and if so what is the charge? 
A: We offer discount parking at the following locations: 
Here the link to a coupon that can be used at the local participating Icon parking system: